Rhode Island Division Of Statewide Planning

Meredith Brady

Associate Director for Planning
(401) 222-6496

Data Team


Vincent Flood

Data Analyst II 

Christina Delage Baza

Data Analyst I

Garth Hoxsie-Quinn

Supervising GIS specialist

Benjamin Jacobs

Principal Research Technician


Administrative Group


Paul Capotosto

Asst. Administrator, Financial Management

(401) 222-6170


Maria Mignanelli

Chief Implementation Aide 
(401) 563-8122


Lori Cassin

Chief Implementation Aide 
(401) 222-7901

Transportation Planning Team

Mason Perrone

Assistant Chief
(401) 222-7966


Liza Farr

Supervising Planner
(401) 222-6479


Roberto Echevarria 

Principal Planner
(401) 222-2177


Benny Bergantino

Principal Planner
(401) 222-1755

Land Use, Process, and Education Team

Nancy Hess

Interdepartmental Project Manager
(401) 222-6480


Paul Gonsalves

Supervising Planner
(401) 222-1756

Community Coordination Team

Roberta Groch

Assistant Chief, AICP

(401) 222-4720


Josh O'Neill

Supervising Planner, AICP
(401) 222-4849


Caitlin Greeley

Principal Planner, AICP
(401) 222-2848


Water Team

Kathleen Crawley

Acting General Manager


Patrick Killian

Data Analyst 1


Hector Barreras

Programming Services Officer


David Procaccini

Programming Services Officer