Land Use And Natural Resources

Rhode Island future land use map 2025

The Land Use and Natural Resources Section is responsible for a range of diverse planning activities.  The primary tasks consist of maintaining and updating 16 State Guide Plan Elements, issuing findings on various programs or funding applications for consistency with the State Guide Plan as required by State Law, and providing technical planning assistance to various federal, state, and regional organizations.  Staff of the Land Use Section also focuses on implementation of the state land use plan, State Guide Plan Element 121, Land Use 2025.

Other land use related planning topics for the Section include agriculture, energy, forest resources, outdoor recreation, open space, solid waste, conservation development, legislation, and water resources. The Section works in partnership with municipalities, other State departments, federal agencies and programs, various state boards, committees and councils, the RI American Planning Association and non-profit entities on all of these topics.

Land Use, Process, and Education Team