Five Year Implementation Reports

The Rhode Island Comprehensive Planning and Land Use Regulation Act (the Act), requires municipalities to submit an “informational report on the status of the comprehensive plan implementation program with the Division of Planning not more than five (5) years from the date of municipal approval” (§ 45-22.2-12).” The purpose of this report to ensure that municipalities are assessing their progress toward achieving the actions identified in their Plan’s implementation program. In conducting this assessment, it is hoped that any “mid-course corrections” would be identified and appropriate amendments adopted. Filing this report with the Division of Statewide Planning also allows us to look for areas where we could offer communities technical assistance.

The Act does not specify how this report should be presented. As an aid, the Division has developed a suggested reporting template. The template does not preclude municipalities from developing their own reporting format. Communities are free to use the template along with, or in place of, any other relevant reports and reporting tools.