Improving Access To Services For Persons With Limited English Proficiency

To further the effectiveness of public engagement programs, public engagement strategies must be established to eliminate barriers to active participation by all members of the community, including Limited English Proficient (LEP) populations. As the Rhode Island Division of Statewide Planning is the recipient of USDOT funds, it must take steps to ensure meaningful access to the information and services it provides.  These reasonable steps can be found in the 2023 Limited English Proficiency Plan.

Translation Services

Any individual requiring a non-english language translation or interpreter, Certified American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, or special technologies such as Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART), to participate in any meetings of the State Planning Council, Technical Committee, Transportation Advisory Committee, or RIGIS Executive Meeting should contact Benny Bergantino as soon as possible. Translations of the executive summaries of key transportation documents including the Long Range Transportation Plan – Moving Forward Rhode Island 2040, the State Transportation Improvement Program, Unified Planning Work Program, and the Public Participation Plan can be provided in Spanish.  Any person wishing to receive these documents in other languages contact Benny Bergantino (401) 222-1755.