Solid Waste

The State Planning Council adopted the State Guide Plan Element Solid Waste 2038, on May 14, 2015. Solid Waste 2038 is an update of the State Guide Plan Element 171 adopted in 2007. The Plan was completed with the assistance of a 17 member advisory committee.

Solid waste 2038 cover image

It is intended to guide the activities of the Division of Planning, the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation and the Department of Environmental Management. It also serves to meet the need for a solid waste management plan as required by the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery act of 1976, as amended and the Statewide Resource Recovery System Development Plan

Solid Waste 2038 describes existing practices, programs, and activities in all major solid waste management areas and develops recommendations specific to each. It is intended to advance the effectiveness of public and private stewardship of the State’s disposal of solid waste. As an Element of the State Guide Plan, this Plan sets forth goals and policies that must, under state law, be reflected in future updates of comprehensive community plans.