Long Range Transportation Plan Documents

Rhode Island Long Range Transportation Plan - December 2020

LRTP Public Comment and Hearing Report – November 2020

Long Range Transportation Plan Appendices

This section provides a summary of all the appendices developed as part of the State of Rhode Island’s Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP): Moving Forward 2040. These appendices were prepared between April 2017 and December 2020 to provide additional details and supplement the LRTP. A brief description of the various appendix sections is provided below.

A. Transportation 2037 System Performance Report

In preparing Transportation 2040, a System Performance Report / Evaluation of Rhode Island’s previous Long Range Transportation Plan: Transportation 2037 was undertaken. The purpose of the System Performance Report was to both describe progress toward achieving Transportation 2037’s performance goals and to determine which performance measures to carry forward in RI Moving Forward 2040. Consultation with other state agencies including the Rhode Island Department of Transportation and Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, were conducted as part of the analysis.

B. Compendium of Plans Review

The Compendium of Plans Review outlines the review of state, regional, and municipal planning documents to identify goals, objectives and strategies relevant to the State’s multi-modal transportation network. It identifies recurrent themes echoed by the various plans, ultimately recommending a set of new goals for inclusion in RI Moving Forward.

C. Baseline Infrastructure & System Performance Report

The Baseline Conditions Report establishes a clear understanding of the current state and operation of the multimodal transportation network in Rhode Island. The Report is intended to ascertain current needs, and to assist decision making to plan policies, strategies and investments to the transportation system. The Report also forms a basis for the comparison of existing conditions with future anticipated changes.

D. Trends Report

The LRTP Trend Report explores different trends that are impacting transportation in Rhode Island. To anticipate the future transportation conditions looking ahead to the year 2040, data point trends in several sectors were reviewed. Utilizing this data, projections and forecasts are provided for the following: people, population, and demographics; funding; climate change and sustainability; health and the role of active transportation; and transportation technology.

E. Pool of Projects

The Pool of Projects is a table that summarizes and details the LRTP’s key projects identified through the long range transportation planning process. Each project has been mapped and documented in a GIS geodatabase. Projects fall into one or more of the following categories: Next Five Years; Future Projects; and Regionally Significant Projects.

F. Revenue Projections Report

The LRTP Review Projections Report provides revenue projections for transportation funding through 2040 using the FFY 2018-2027 State Transportation Improvement Program as a starting point.

G. Performance Measures and Target Setting Report

The Performance Measures and Target Setting Report presents the methodology for selecting the LRTP’s performance measures which will be used to evaluate the progress of the Long Range Transportation Plan and the process for setting measurable targets for each performance measure for the years 2025, 2030, and 2040.

H. Public Participation Plan

The LRTP’s Public Participation Plan provides the framework for the comprehensive public outreach process deployed for the development of the State of Rhode Island’s Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) - RI Moving Forward 2040, and the State’s first Bicycle Mobility Plan (BMP). The Public Participation Plan describes the methods by which interested parties were able to engage with the project team and to offer insight and opinions on the plan throughout all stages of its development. This feedback informed the goals and strategies of the Long-Range Transportation Plan and the Bicycle Mobility Plan.

I. Stakeholder and Public Participation Summary

The LRTP’s Stakeholder and Public Participation Summary documents the findings from public outreach events held over the LRTP’s development process including the following events: Vision Public Workshops that were held in the following: South Kingstown on January 23, 2018, Providence on January 24, 2018, and Newport on January 31, 2018; Municipal Roundtable meetings held in Bristol on September 2017, East Greenwich on September 19, 2017, Portsmouth on September 13, 2017, Glocester on September 12, 2017, and South Kingstown on September 5, 2017; Staff Overviews on the LRTP were provided at the following locations: Pawtucket on September 21, 2017, Narragansett on September 25, 2017, and Bristol on September 28, 2017 as well as virtual public participation conducted throughout the LRTP process.

J. Environmental Analysis and Consultation

The LRTP’s Environmental Analysis and Consultation addresses the state’s natural resources and broaches the concept of activities that can begin to mitigate any adverse impacts that the transportation system can present on a system-wide basis.

K. Social Equity: Title VI and Environmental Justice Analysis

As part of the Long Range Transportation Planning process a benefits and burden analysis related to the proposed transportation investments on identified environmental justice populations was completed. The Social Equity: Title VI and Environmental Justice Analysis presents a quantification of benefits and burdens performed on a macro level using an equation termed the “Location Quotient.” The environmental justice populations’ proximity to an interstate highway (due to air quality concerns) is used as a variable to measure burden and the proximity to bus transit routes is used as the variable to measure benefit.

L. Greenhouse Gas Legislation

The Greenhouse Gas Legislation section provides a summary of state executive orders, enabling legislation, and participating coalitions related to climate change mitigation, smart growth, and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

M. 20 Year Transit Investment Scenario Report

The LRTP’s 20 Year Transit Investment Scenario Report provides an overview of 2020 funding levels for Rhode Island state transit agencies (RIDOT and RIPTA) and presents four potential 20-year funding scenarios. These scenarios were intended to inform decision-making related to the programming of varying levels of investment for ongoing transit operations, maintenance, system enhancement and/or expansion.

N. Air Quality Conformity Report

As part of its transportation planning process, the State of Rhode Island completed the transportation conformity process for the Long-Range Transportation Plan. The Air Quality Conformity Report documents that the LRTP meets the federal transportation conformity requirements in 40 CFR Part 93.

O. Regionally Significant Projects and Travel Demand Model Results

This component of the Long Range Transportation Plan addresses Air Quality Conformity, Regionally Significant Projects, and the Rhode Island Travel Demand Model.

P. Planning Framework

The LRPT Planning Framework appendix section presents the goal areas, objectives, strategies, and performance measures contained in the Long Range Transportation Plan.

Q. State Rail Plan Supplement (2020)

The intention of State Rail Plan Supplement, 2020 is to highlight the planning work done around passenger and freight rail via the Long Range Transportation Plan process and utilizes the framework of the LRTP for rail planning. In lieu of updating Rhode Island’s 2014 State Rail Plan, the State compiled a crosswalk (or matrix) covering where and how each Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act (PRIIA) requirement is met within our existing plans.

R. Fiscal Constraint Table

The LRTP Fiscal Constraint Table presents the anticipated transportation spending by source (Federal or State & Local) to the year 2040 and details how transportation expenditures were determined.